The Reluctant Road Warrior: The adventures of a Silicon Valley engineer in the U.S. and abroad

By Dan P. Bullard
San Bernardino, CA
ISBN-13: 978-1523900077
A review by Jack Kettler

Having done a fair amount of business traveling, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

First off, a little respecting Mr. Bullard's resume. Mr. Bullard has worked in the Automated Electronic Test business. He has written programs in C, C++, Pascal and other languages that test devices such as Op Amps, V/F convertors, MEMS accelerometers, PC Video chips (RAMDACs, Video Accelerators, etc), automotive chips and wireless devices like TV tuners. He has specialized in analog and mixed signal testing, memory tests, analog with laser trim and RF test as well as plain old digital test. Mr. Bullard is an award winning technical instructor for many years before doing programming. In addition, Mr. Bullard is a patented inventor.

Mr. Bullard's book while covering several technical issues remains easily readable to those not familiar with Silicon Valley technology. The book is informative on the global competition and network of high tech engineering companies. What makes this book uniquely special are the entertaining stories of travel, hotels, restaurants, good food, bad food, work colleagues, conflicts challenges and successes.

Mr. Bullard is semi-retired, enjoying life exploring the Columbia River in a houseboat. Mr. Bullard lives free, everyday. If you need a break from your normal reading schedule, do yourself a favor and enjoy this book.

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