Sharia Versus Freedom: The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism                                                           
Publisher: Prometheus Books
by Andrew G. Bostom
A review by Jack Kettler

In addition to the title under review, Andrew G. Bostom is the author of The Legacy of Jihad and The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism. He has also published articles and commentary on Islam in numerous on-line publications. Andrew G. Bostom (MD, MS) is Associate Professor of Medicine at Brown University Medical School. 

With the precision of a skilled surgeon, Dr. Bostom meticulously backs up and documents his assertions throughout this highly informative work. Our current CIA chief, John Brennan's naive notion about the meaning of Jihad (p. 271) is thoroughly exposed as folly. Brennan and many others are not alone in this inexcusable foolishness.

Much of this nonsense about the so-called glorious religion of peace is perpetuated by John Louis Esposito, professor of International Affairs and Islamic Studies at Georgetown University. On (p. 408) Bostom documents how Saudis lavishly reward and fund Esposito's Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding to the tune of $20 million in 2005.

Karen Armstrong is a British author and another notorious apologist for Islam (p. 33). In an introduction to her work it has been said: No religion in the modern world is as feared and misunderstood as Islam. It haunts the popular Western imagination as an extreme faith that promotes authoritarian government, female oppression, civil war, and terrorism. Karen Armstrong's short history offers a vital corrective to this narrow view. In 1999, she received the Muslim Public Affairs Council Media Award.

In this re-viewer's assessment, both Esposito and Armstrong are bought and paid for literary prestitutes for the Muslim faith. They are willing and useful dhimmis. More on dhimmitude later.

My thoughts on Islam after reading Dr. Bostom's book:

“It is important to note: that the religion of backward depraved Arab culture, if it were not for Western technology and oil money, the adherents of this shocking regressive culture would still be using camels and horses for transportation. This unmodernized Arab culture, like socialism (which fails when running out of other people's money) continually attempts to conquer other cultures in order to cannibalize them into non-existence much like a pestilence of grasshoppers.”

“Islam is a religious, political, genocidal ideology characterized by centuries of Jihadist warfare and brutal oppressive totalitarianism of those enslaved. This 7th Century malignant ideology provides cover for unfathomable discrimination against non-Muslims, sadistic torture and unthinkable misogyny, even encouraging the rape of non-Muslim women and slavery that is practiced and sanctioned to this present day.”

The status of Non-Muslims or Dhimmis who were not slaughtered by the Muhammadans who raided and stole their land:

“The vile and ignorant dhimmis (non-Muslims in an Islamic country) must be humiliated, belittled and rendered abominable and able to be distinguished by their appearance.” For example, “different colored shoes, one white the other black:” for males badges such as an “ape for a Jew and a pig for a Christian: for women yellow veils.” The distinctive dress shows the Muslim that the dhimmi is to be treated as an inferior - not to stand up for her or shake his hand, not to give them Muslim charity. He is to expect respect and deference from the dhimmi who shall not join a group of Muslims or raise his voice in their presence. The non-Muslim is to stand aside if the pathway is narrow. It is haram (unlawful) for him to slaughter animals; reserved for him is the cleaning of lavatories and sewers, and carrying away rubbish and refuse. His house should be painted a dull color and be no larger than that of a Muslim neighbor. (dhimmis, pp. 34, 36, 37, 41-42, 70-72, 73, 74-75, 77, 78, 86, 89-91, 96, 105, 111, 123, 134, 141, 152, 157, 170, 174, 175, 176-177, 178-88, 192, 204, 206, 212, 213, 216-218, 219-220, 223,226, 227, 229, 245, 246, 272, 274-275, 276, 277, 284-285, 287-93, 303, 308, 309, 321, 373-74, 385, 388, 388-89, 422-423, 426, 428, 435, 436, 446-47, 461, 578-79n33, 589n7, 621-22n2, 633-34n12)

After reading Dr. Bosom's work on dhimmis in Muslim conquered lands, one may be inclined to agree with the following provocative hyperbole:

“We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war.” - Ann Coulter

“The minarets are our bayonets, the domes our helmets, the mosques our barracks and the faithful our army” (p. 488). After reading sayings like this from Muslims, one wonders why Islamic Mosques have tax exempt status. One thing is clear regarding Isalm, a religion of peace, it is not!

“…tolerance of intolerance is cowardice.”- Ayaan Hirsi Ali

“People that tell you Islam is a religion of peace are only announcing their ignorance.” - Brigitte Gabriel

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith.” Galatians 5:22

In contrast, Islam is political, genocidal ideology responsible for the death and enslavement of millions.

It has been said best by Jesus: “You shall know them by their fruits.” Matthew 7:16

It is beyond dispute, the fruits of Mohammadism are rotten to the core!

Dr. Bostom's work is a must read for those concerned about this religious, political, genocidal ideology which has exterminated millions of people over the last 1400 years. The totality of Bostom's book makes the case irrefutably that Sharia law is a complete and total anathema to the American “Bill Of Rights” and more importantly, to freedom of expression for the Judeo-Christian world-view.

Anyone who defends this so-called religion of peace, which is characterized by the most vile Jew-hatred ever witnessed, should be ashamed of themselves.

Mr. Kettler has previously published articles in the Chalcedon Report and Contra Mundum. He and his wife Marea attend the Westminster, CO, RPCNA Church. Mr. Kettler is the author of the book defending the Reformed Faith against attacks, titled: The Religion That Started in a Hat. Available at:

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