Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America

By John Guandolo
Kepanto Publishing, Vienna, Virginia

A Review by Jack Kettler

Who is John Guandolo?

John Guandolo is the author of the important book, Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America. He is also the founder of UnderstandingTheThreat.com

In 1996, Mr. Guandolo left the Marines to join the FBI’s Washington Field Office, focusing mostly on narcotics investigations until 2000. Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, he began an assignment to the Counter-terrorism Division.

In 2006, Guandolo created and implemented the FBI’s first Counter-terrorism Training/Education Program focusing on the Muslim Brotherhood. He was designated a “Subject Matter Expert” by the FBI and his program was praised by the FBI Executive Assistant Director in a brief to the Vice President’s National Security Staff.

Contrary to Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers, John Guandolo's work has not been discredited. Consider what others are saying about Guandolo's book:

“Raising a Jihadi Generation, designed for government agents and analysts is a real achievement. It is desperately needed, extremely well organized, and easy to read — an agent who spent an hour with it would know more, and more that is accurate, than anything that is taught in weeks at today’s government seminars.”

Andrew C. McCarthy III
Former Assistant United States Attorney, Southern District of New York
Prosecuted Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman (“The Blind Sheikh”) & Al Qaeda operatives responsible for the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in Africa
Author of Willful Blindness and Grand Jihad

“Everyone who takes the oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” should read John Guandolo’s handbook, Raising a Jihadi Generation.”

The Honorable Joseph E. Schmitz
Inspector General of the Department of Defense (2002-05)
Author of The Inspector General Handbook: Fraud, Waste, Abuse, and Other Constitutional ‘Enemies, Foreign and Domestic’ (2013)

“John Guandolo is a national treasure. He is courageously crisscrossing America sounding the alarm about the realities of the most significant threat to the nation today – the comprehensive threat from the Global Islamic. Every citizen in this country should read Raising a Jihadi Generation and understand the security implications for all of us. The facts speak for themselves and require no commentary. For local and state law enforcement and intelligence officials, this information is critical to identifying, understanding and thwarting threats in your locale.”

Lieutenant General William G. Boykin, U.S. Army (retired)
Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (2003-2007)
Founder/Former Commander, U.S. Army Delta Force

In Guandolo's own words, his book is:

“A Handbook for Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Military Professionals.”In this book, Guandolo thoroughly documents the Muslim Brotherhood's strategic plan to overthrow the United States. He does this through the Muslim Brotherhood's own documents.

For example, on page 24 of Guandolo's book we see the extensive network of groups under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood:

From a copied portion of “Explanatory Memorandum”:

“A list of our organizations and the organizations of our friends [Imagine if they all march according to one plan!!!]”

  1. Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

  2. Muslim Students Association

  3. Muslim Communities Association

  4. Association of Muslim Social Scientists

  5. Association of Muslim Social Scientists and Engineers

  6. Islamic Medical Association

  7. Islamic Teaching Center

  8. North American Islamic Trust

  9. Foundation for International Development

  10. Islamic Housing Cooperative

  11. Islamic Centers Division

  12. American Trust Publications

  13. Audio-Visual Center

  14. Islamic Book Service

  15. Muslim Businessmen Association

  16. Muslim Youth of North American

  17. ISNA Fiqh Committee

  18. ISNA Political Awareness Committee

  19. Islamic Education Department

  20. Muslim Arab Youth Association

  21. Malaysian Islamic Study Group

  22. Islamic Association for Palestine

  23. United Association for Studies and Research

  24. Occupied Land Fund

  25. Mercy International Association

  26. Islamic Circle of North America

  27. Baitul Mal Inc.

  28. International Institute of Islamic Thought

  29. Islamic Information Center (page 24)

By using extensive front groups, the Muslim Brotherhood imitates tactics used by communists who used interlacing front groups to confuse its opposition and make it more difficult to fight.

What is the Muslim Brotherhood's plan for America?

Several important points of evidence entered at the Holy Land Foundation trial Dallas, Texas, 2008, revealed 1. there is an “Islamic Movement” in the United States led by the Muslim Brotherhood with the objective of waging "Civilization Jihad" to overthrow our government and replace it with an Islamic government. (35)

2. the Muslim Brotherhood's published doctrine states they will wage jihad to achieve their objectives. 3. the Muslim Brotherhood's Special Section - military wing - is here in the United States. 4. the Muslim Brotherhood has dozens of jihadi training camps in the U.S. and has has had them here since at least 1981. (40)

We should not fool ourselves, consider the concept of abrogation in Islam:

The 114 Suras (Chapters) in the Koran are arranged by size from largest to smallest (not chronologically), with the exception of the first Sura which is introductory Sura 2 is the largest and Sura 114 is the smallest. This is critical to understanding the Koran because peaceful verses revealed to Muhammad in Mecca were abrogated (overruled) by the verses commanding warfare which came chronologically later in Medina." (41)

This idea of abrogation is crucial to understand jihad in Islam. This means that the so-called peaceful passages of the Koran have been abrogated by later passages that call for jihad. There is no disagreement among Islamic scholars that jihad is obligatory for all Muslims until the entire world is subordinated to Islamic law (sharia).

The Koranic Basis for Jihad:

“Jihad means to war against non-Muslims…signifying warfare to establish Islam” and is “obligatory for every Muslim.” [Umdat al Salik, Classic Manual of Islamic Law (Shafi), Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri, d. 1368.]

“War…is obligatory on men who are free, have attained puberty, who find the means for going to war, are of sound health, and are neither ill nor suffer from a chronic disease…the jurists agreed, with respect to the people who are to be fought, that they are all of the polytheists, because of the words of the Exalted, ‘And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is all for Allah.” [The Distinguished Jurist's Primer (Maliki), Ibn Rushd, d. 1198]

“Fight the unbeliever wherever you find them and lie and wait for them in every strategem of war…’I have been commended to fight the people until they testify that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah…’ This honorable Ayah (verse) 9:5 (Qur’an) was called the Ayah of the Sword, about which Ad-Kahhak bin Muzahim said, ‘It abrogated every agreement of peace between the Prophet and any idolator, every treaty, and every term.’” [Tafsir of ibn Kathir, d. 1373]

The Muslim Brotherhood Mission in America:

“The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within, and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by the hands of the believers, so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” (19)

Islamic Centers:

The Brotherhood builds Islamic Centers across America to be the “axis” of their Movement to “supply (their ) battalions.” These Centers are not simply places of worship. On the contrary their own documents say it is a place for all activity surrounding the Muslim Brotherhood's mission here and the place from which they will launch their military assault at “Zero Hour.”(21)

The Brotherhood specifically states:

“Meaning that the 'center's' role should be the same as the 'mosques's' role in the time of Allah's prophet....when he marched to 'settle' the Dawa in its first generation in Madina.” (sic) (21) Today there are over 2,100 Islamic Centers in America – in all 50 states. (21)

Guandolo's book has a very important appendix listing websites and organizations that document subversive Islamic activities around the world and here in America. In addition, there is a good list of must read books and documentaries detailing the Jihadist threat we are facing. For law enforcement, Guandolo provides critical information on how to recognize Jihadist activity and how to combat it and how to prepare to the slanderous accusations that will be thrown at them by Islamic subversives and their collaborators in the media along with corrupted and compromised business entities.

A Course of Action to Save America:

The federal government at many levels has already been subverted. For example, on February 9, 2013, on Tom Trento’s radio show, Guandolo revealed that Obama's nominee for CIA director, John Brennan converted to Islam while in Saudi Arabia. It is also well known that the Obama White House has an open door policy for the Muslim Brotherhood members and their operatives that are being placed strategically in many key advisory positions throughout federal intelligence agencies.

In addition, an Egyptian Newspaper’s Explosive Allegation: President Obama Is a Secret Muslim Brotherhood Member

There are additional links between the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama administration

In light of this subversion at the federal level, we must approach local law enforcement and local media outlets. The nation is indeed indebted to John Guandolo and his courageous work in area of educating law enforcement personnel and doing media interviews. I recommend that every individual reading this brief review of Guandolo's book do their part by ordering at least five copies and distributing them to news outlets, radio talk show hosts, law enforcement, church leaders and other opinion movers and shakers.

Mr. Kettler is the owner of http://www.Undergroundnotes.com where his theological, philosophical and political articles can be read.